What is KUPONA ReBounce and how does it work?

Our data-driven solution is designed for online shops, targeting visitors who are about to leave your website(=bouncers). ReBounce triggers when users press the back button, showing a personalized landing page featuring data-driven product recommendations. This strategy aims at recapturing those who are about to abandon their purchase, turning potential exits into new opportunities for sales.

Why is KUPONA ReBounce important?

Approximately 70% of users leave your online shop without purchasing or even interacting with the site. KUPONA ReBounce is a powerful tool to show personalized product recommendations to successfully guide up to 30% of these bouncers back to your shop. This enhances your conversion rate, significantly boosts your shop’s revenue and increases customer interactions.

What are benefits of KUPONA ReBounce?

KUPONA ReBounce is made for visitors who are about to exit your website. Our Tool offers relevant product suggestions, transforming potential bouncers into happy customers. This seamless approach doesn’t disrupt the customer journey, ensuring a smooth shopping experience while notably boosting your conversion rate. Moreover, KUPONA ReBounce outperforms average shop conversion rates, helping you to get the most from your marketing budget.

How is ReBounce integrated into an online shop?

Our solution can be effortlessly integrated into your website using network master tags, Google Container Tag, or directly through JavaScript code. If you face any questions or challenges, our dedicated experts are on hand to provide you with advice and practical support.

How does the KUPONA billing model work?

KUPONA Rebounce operates on a commission-based payment. We only get paid if ReBounce successfully leads back lost customers, who then make valid purchases. There are no additional charges for setup or any other services. This performance-based approach ensures that our success is directly aligned with your results – no hidden fees.

Is KUPONA ReBounce GDPR-compliant?

KUPONA ReBounce sets a cookie with a random value, which is automatically deleted after the spam protection expires. This approach ensures full compliance with GDPR regulations, offering you a worry-free solution that protects user privacy while enhancing your business results.

Does KUPONA ReBounce affect the website’s page speed?

KUPONA ReBounce has virtually no impact on your shop’s performance, as it doesn’t introduce additional loading time through complex codes or plugins. Consequently, it won’t add to your site’s loading time, ensuring that user experience remains unaffected and seamless.

How effective is KUPONA ReBounce in reengaging visitors?

KUPONA ReBounce achieves an impressive recovery rate of up to 30%. This enables significant revenue increases without the need for any extra effort or additional costs. It’s a tool made for maximizing the potential of every user.

What is the difference between KUPONA ReBounce and an Exit Intent Pop-Up?

The key difference between KUPONA ReBounce and an Exit-Intent Pop-Up lies in their approach to visitor engagement. While an Exit-Intent Pop-Up aims to retain users on the page by offering them additional deal or sign-up prompt, KUPONA Rebounce triggers after the visitor has already left the site. This strategy targets those who might have been considered lost. KUPONA ReBounce displays a landing page with data-driven product recommendations, effectively re-engaging those who abandoned their purchase. This method has more impact as it reaches visitors who typically wouldn’t respond to a pop-up, providing an additional opportunity to convert them into customers.